Diaper Wars

Memorial Day was a tragic day in our household. The washing machine–yes, the new(ish) one–quite working. My husband insisted that he wanted a chance to fix it and by the grace of God I patiently let him try. But, after three and half weeks I finally said something HAD to be accomplished and he acquiesced to calling a repair man. Which makes today another tragic day in our household. The cost of repairing the machine will buy us a new one, and so we are officially shopping for (another) new machine. *sigh*


Disposable vs. Cloth

In the meantime (that’s the past four weeks for those of you keep count at home), I have been waging diaper wars here at home. Washing cloth diapers in a laundromat is about as much fun as a migraine headache…oh wait. That’s the result of washing my cloth diapers at a laundromat…

Anyway, figuring out where and how to wash cloth diapers away from home isn’t much fun and I don’t have the spare funds to contract out for a diapering service. So, figuring the washing machine dilemma was a temporary one, I settled for using disposables. It’s been four weeks (see above comment). People, I hate it. I LOATH it. I cannot using enough synonyms for the word “hate” to describe how much I despise using disposable diapers. Those of you who use disposables and are perfectly happy with them, more power to you. I’m glad you’re happy and I hold no grudge toward you, but oh man! I seriously have hated using the disposables. Don’t get me wrong. They work just fine. We’ve only had two blow outs. They do not otherwise leak, and Samuel has not awakened in the night with a soaked through diaper the entire time. We’ve also managed to find non-name-brand diapers that do not cause him diaper rash, so that’s all good. But they stink. And they pile up. and they create a lot of garbage. And they stink. Did I mention they stink? Even Jeremy was in the nursery one day and said, “It smells like gym socks in here,” and when I replied that it was time for the diaper trash to go out (AGAIN!), he said, “Oh man, I thought it was me!” He had just been out mowing the lawn on a hot day. So yeah, they stink. My cloth diapers did not have this problem. I rinsed them out when they came off the baby, they got wrung out and then went into a wet bag. Every three days, they were washed. Stink factor was very low.


Which would *you* choose?

So yesterday things came to a head. I had the washing machine repair man scheduled. I knew we would either learn the machine could be repaired economically or that we would be in the market for a new machine. And, I was tired of the stink. When Samuel got up in the morning and it was time for a fresh diaper, instead of reaching for a disposable, I pulled out the cloth. As of right now, I don’t care what headache I have to deal with the wash my cloth diapers. It was just so nice to put the cloth diapers on him and not have the smell later on. In another day or two, I might feel differently as I struggle with washing the diapers away from home. But today, my baby is in cloth and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Next step: buy a new machine. I am torn between going with a top loading HE machine, or just getting an old fashioned, not-so-efficient top loader with an agitator. And, we may be considering a stackable pair rather than individual units. If you all have any advice to share, please do comment!


2 responses to “Diaper Wars

  1. Take a serious look at your new laundry room. Where you can put your hot an cold water faucets. A stackable might be a good way to go. But how large a load do they accommodate. If you are doing three loads in place of one, is it worth it?

  2. So we’re thinking about the stackable because it could allow us to renovate for a second bathroom sometime in the future. But yeah, we need to look at the layout in the new laundry room.

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