Home Owners!!!

Well, now I can let the cat out of the bag. Everyone has agreed to the terms and in about a month, we will be the proud and joyous owners of this lovely home!

1446 Rolling Ridge DriveIt is not my country paradise. It does not come with 10 acres of land, or even 5 or 1 acre. However, it does have a beautiful sunny quarter-acre backyard that will easily accommodate my garden beds and be a safe haven for Samuel to play and Joon to sun herself. The house is in Noblesville, Indiana, and though Noblesville does not currently permit chickens within the city limits, there is a very active group working to change this ordinance. Personally, I believe we will see this change soon as every other city in the county already allows backyard chickens in one form or another. Noblesville, watch out! The Johnson Family Zoo is coming your way, emphasis on ZOO!


Cozy kitchen that fits my style perfectly! Favorite part: the gas stove.

I’ve kept quiet about our house hunt. We’ve been kicking tires for years now, but in January our house hunting turned serious. By March we were fully ready to find a home, and by late May we found ourselves going almost every weekend to see at least one home. Then, the market suddenly turned from buyer’s paradise to seller’s fortune and we decided we need to MOVE if we wanted to get a good deal on a home. This coincided with our visit to the house in Noblesville and before we knew it we were in negotiations to buy this house. We will be closing on it on July 12.


A patio that will be well loved and frequently used. This outdoor space couldn’t be more perfect for us!

So, what are we getting? It’s a little ranch-style home, a bit over 1100 square feet, with a fenced in back yard. The back patio has a fire pit and the entire home is cozy and turn-key. It is not much, but we think it’s the perfect size. I much prefer to spend my time outside, so a small house means less time spent inside keeping it clean. Jeremy will finally have an office, though he will need to share it with Samuel, and I will finally have my garden beds. I also hope we’ll have chickens and another dog sometime in the future. We should be in and settled by the end of July!


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