Lost in a Sea of Boxes

I have been lost at sea for the past few weeks. A sea of boxes and papers and the chaos better known as life. But I return to you all triumphant and with news to share. When I last posted here, we were buying a house. We are now living in that house. We are proud new residents of Noblesville, Indiana and we are slowly wading through our sea of boxes. Our bedrooms are unpacked, Samuel’s room is almost complete, and we don’t have to step over too many boxes to get around the living room! Our spacious backyard is largely still empty, but the Joon Dog loves sunning herself in the grass. Her kennel is up and has been tested—much to her chagrin, I might add. All in all, we are well on our way to getting settled in.


The kitchen. I managed to cut out the pile of boxes in the corner, but it’s almost completely set up.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this move has been the addition of our new washing machine and dryer. If you’ll recall, my washing machine gave out on Memorial day. Three days shy of two months, my new washing machine (and dryer) was installed in my house and immediately drafted into a week of continuous work. This also saw the return of cloth diapering (sorry, I did NOT want to wrestle with washing cloth diapers at a laundromat two or three times a week!) and yesterday was my first diaper laundry day. Also recall that my old washing machine was giving me fits over the diaper laundry. Last night I soaked the diapers, washed them, and ran them through several rinse cycles. This morning, I pulled them out for line drying and was encouraged by a brightness I had not seen since sometime in April. The ol’ sniff test confirmed that I had sparkly clean diapers and I kid you not, I broke out in song. Yup, a chorus of Hallelujah. Samuel laughed and danced while I sang and hung diapers. Bet you’ve never met someone so happy to have clean laundry!

Every day I find something else we have to get…a light bulb for the vanity, wasp spray for the porch, rugs for the front room. I’m sure eventually we’ll feel settled. For now, it is wonderful just to be HOME!


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