I have a confession to make: all that weekly blogging burned me out. Bet you all couldn’t guess that from my absence or anything, right? But seriously, I know every mom can identify with me and I bet every dad too. I wanted to do this thing, I wanted to write and make it meaningful and share it with everyone…every week…like it was my job. One thing I’ve always said about a job: it doesn’t matter how much you love it, one day you’ll walk in the “office” and it will just be a job. I don’t mean to sound cynical, it just–for me, anyway–any job I have ever had (including the one I absolutely love…that’s equine professional, not mom) eventually becomes just a job. At least temporarily. Until I move past that burn out phase.

IMG_0020Well, as 2013 nears its end, I think I’m moving past my blogging burn out phase. I want to write and share again, though I don’t think I’ll keep up the weekly pace that I set for myself before. There’s just too much going on and I’d rather spend my time playing with Samuel, relaxing with Jeremy, or riding my horses…not glued to a computer screen. I guess this is my 2014 resolution a little early: I promise to write more regularly, just don’t look for it to be every week. Deal? Deal!

So what have we been doing since August 1? Oh gosh, I think it’s more like what haven’t we been doing. Our new house is unpacked and we’re fully settled. I finally painted the guest room and it now looks very grown up in neutral tones and curtains. Samuel celebrated his first birthday by having fun on his first camping trip, which happened on Lake Michigan. I lost my dearest heart horse, Dash. Samwise subsequently moved to Indianapolis with us and I’m now pursuing some exciting hopes for him. I hosted my first Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. My dad underwent hip replacement surgery and is recovering well. My mother-in-law has been a HUGE help going in to winter and is babysitting Samuel twice a week while I work at the barn. All in all, it’s been a busy year. I think we will look back on this year and smile and laugh, maybe cry a little, and then probably sigh with relief that we survived it all. I kind of hope 2014 is a little less exciting. Maybe we spend more time with friends, old and new alike. Maybe we establish a regular date night. Maybe we go camping more. You know, family stuff. Mundane stuff. But Good stuff.

Oh, and a garden. I am still going to do a garden. I dropped the ball on that one this fall. I should have planned out their location and laid out cardboard to kill the grass and such. Ah well. I am sure I can do well enough come spring. I envision a plot for herbs and spices, a plot for tomatoes, leafy greens, beans, and whatever else suits my fancy, a plot for squash, and probably a raised bed for carrots and potatoes since they like a loamier soil. By spring, Samuel should be able to “help” me garden too. I imagine he’ll love digging in the dirt and pulling weeds. It should be a fun activity for both of us, if I can keep him from marauding the plants!

So that’s it. It’s been a busy, busy second half of 2013. I hope everyone has enjoyed their year and I wish you all a happy holiday and blessed 2014! IMGP7066


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