Back to Our Roots

Oh my goodness it’s been a long time! I think it’s time to dust out the cobwebs and shine a little light on this blog of mine. It looks like I haven’t shared any stories, snippets, photos, or ANYTHING since December 2013. Time to change THAT sorry fact.

Seed packets galore!

We’ve been in our house almost two years now, but this will be the first full summer I’ve been home. And that means growing things! I have been pretty excited about planning a garden for a very long time now. I prepped the beds last fall and when spring came, I was all about the seed catalogs. Mother Earth News pointed me in the right direction for all the seeds I could ever want and more. When they finally all arrived it was all I could do to wait for warm weather and planting season. My little house isn’t really equipped right now for starting an entire garden indoor, so I planned to wait for warm weather and just direct sow. But then, I just couldn’t wait any longer…I started several little pots indoors. Enough for three flats, which fit neatly on top of my dryer. This, by the way, is a very convenient way to get your seeds sprouting fast!

Starting seeds in little pots makes a good rainy day activity. I was thankful to have the plastic tablecloth for the table, and there’s another one on the floor. No stress toddler gardening!

Samuel has grown into quite a helpful young man. He loves to be involved in everything, and the garden is no different. I won’t lie–it does test my patience sometimes when little hands are clumsy and spill dirt, seeds, or water everywhere. But mostly I am thrilled to have him helping me so much.

He was eager to fill pots with soil, and was fascinated by the seeds. He helped me put together two of the three flats.

He also wanted to help me carry the flats into the laundry room, but between the weight of the flats and the obstacles between our living room and the laundry room, that had to be a Mommy-only transfer. He did supervise the transfer though and made sure each flat was secure on top of the dryer.

Planted and in a warm place, waiting to sprout.

By the second week of May I was able to put plants in the ground. We have quite an assortment, including several kinds of tomato plants, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, celery, basil, oregano, chamomile, sage, rosemary, garlic…whew. The list just goes on and on…and I didn’t even plant everything I wanted to this year! I figured I needed to save SOMETHING for next year. It’s only been a couple of weeks now, and almost all of the plants are starting to look really fantastic. It’s really fun to go from clean empty beds, to waiting in anticipation, to beds booming with crops (not just weeds!).


Strawberry plant transplants, thanks for a barn friend for giving them to us!


Poppies, Cornflower, and Calendula all sprouting under our front windows.


Tender little Chamomile poking through the soil finally. One of the last to emerge!

We probably have more tomato plants than we know what to do with. I just couldn’t help myself…I couldn’t decide on a single variety so I got several. Kind of crazy for someone that doesn’t like to eat them unless they are mixed in with other veggies or in sauces. Good thing I started that CSA this year!

And that’s another thing. Friends of ours knew about my CSA dreams and when I said I was actually gardening this year, they offered to be my first test shareholders. Their yard is less than ideal for gardening and their schedule is busy. My yard is great for gardening and I hope to make it a big part of my income some day. Seemed like a logical step to make. I am very grateful to them for wanting to support me in these early stages. I do find it motivates me to stay on top of the weeds and make sure I give me garden every chance of success that I can.


Strawberries are looking good.


And so are the potatoes and tiny little carrot plants.

I know I will have to do some thinning of the plants here soon. In fact, I’ve already started to on the carrots and the tomatoes. I figure I can keep an eye on them as they grow and then out the plants that look less strong or healthy. I will also plant more seeds here soon so that I can have a longer growing season and harvest.


Samuel loves to help, especially with the watering.


He loves the raised bed. It puts the plants at the perfect height for him. I think it makes him feel like he can *really* help me.

I can’t wait for the bounties! I am looking forward to the fresh herbs, the juicy strawberries, the wide variety of tomatoes. I hear potatoes grown at home will blow the store-bought ones out of the water. We’re trying peas and corn too. It will be a good year of growing here!


2 responses to “Back to Our Roots

  1. wish I had know you needed strawberries. We have loads. You are welcome to dig up a few and take them home.

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